Facial hair styles for young men

Facial hair styles for young men are a way to experiment with one’s looks beyond the traditional clean shaven look. Facial hair might be of particular interest to men who find that they would like to hide flaws. For instance, the man with a baby face might choose to utilize chin whiskers or goatee to help him look the sexy, rugged man that he really is. The romantic who suffers from thin, unkissable lips will find that a small mustache will eliminate the problem altogether. More and more guys are realizing that facial hair styles for young men vary beyond that of the mustache, the beard or the completely shaven face.

There are certainly many facial hair styles for young men to choose from. However, before embarking on a completely new path, it would do guys well to honestly appraise their face for which styles would work best for them aesthetically. Also, it is very important to realize that facial hair styles for young men send a message. Consider that message heavily before jumping on a wild and crazy choice that is totally different from the norm. Although folks should not judge based solely on looks, that is typically how it works initially.

Also, it is essential that once a style has been chosen that the wearer realize it will only look its best and perform its function well if properly maintained. Therefore, choosing a style that will work for one’s face and reputation should be joined with a look that the wearer has time to care for.


Those who are afraid to really step outside of the box might choose to go simple initially. A mustache, which is hair grown above the upper lip, is perfect in that event. Make sure to avoid the boogey man look and keep the mustache trimmed above the upper lip.

Soul Patch

The size of the soul patch can range, but is typically not grown past the chin. Most young men will find that a nicely cropped patch of hair just under the bottom lip works well.


Chops are not for the faint of heart. These massive pieces of facial hair begin just in front of each ear and extend along the cheek. These are extremely difficult to cut and keep up, but for the man who wants a style that everyone is not wearing an electric razor can help.

Chin Whiskers

Chin whiskers are ideal for men who want to strengthen the look of their chin and have a low maintenance look. Most chin whiskers are simply grown only on the chin, but they can extend out on either side of the chin as well.


Elvis rocked these puppies, and many guys like to stick by the king. Size varies on sideburns. They can end just at the ear line, or they can go as far as the chin.

Circle Beard

More or less, a circle beard is a combination of the mustache and chin whiskers. Size depends on the wearer. A goatee is a well-known style of circle beard.

Chin Curtain

This look is very suave, and when very thin lines are used it is called a chin strap. This is where the facial hair extends in a circular fashion along the chin line from ear to ear.

Lip Curtain

A lip curtain is chops paired with the mustache. Although it is definitely a striking look, it is also one that might not communicate ‘good guy’ to the world.


A beard can vary in fullness, but typically combines the mustache look with chin whiskers.

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