Mens facial hair styles

Men’s facial hair styles

Men’s facial hair styles have become a current meme among males, because the endless possibilities that come with different types of razors might make the shaving experience much more pleasurable. While men’s facial hair styles define the face and profile of males, there are simply some of those interesting ones that simply should not occur. Here are a number of men’s facial hair styles that may make, or break, the looks of a man for good.

Some of the names of men’s facial hair style say as much about the look as they do about the person wearing the beard. For example the “balbo” is intended to be the look of the ancient knights, as in Vasco de Balboa, and other explores of yore. The full beard, which is being now gracing the faces of plenty of funny, overweight, comedians, is reigning supreme as one of the most currently used men’s facial hair styles. Who can forget about the ninety’s goatee that shone in the faces of many upcoming grunge artists, and followers alike? For those who have a taste for Jane Austen and Edgar Allan Poe, what about the Victorian mutton-chops and full goatees, which covered both cheeks almost as if protecting the face from the luscious looks of the ladies. For the metro sexual of today, there is the world-famous “manicured scruff” which covers the faces of today’s hunks such as George Clooney and Patrick Dempsey. One of the most used styles is the door-knocker, which is the full version of a perfect goatee, but only when used around the mouth; not the cheeks. For the less manicured, there is the “scruffy scruff”, which is the scraggier version of the “manicured scruff” that is the craze of every man in a suit. On and all, all these styles tell us one thing: men’s facial hair styles are only beginning to expand. There will be much more where that comes from.

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